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Why choose Integra?

When you consider outsourcing, you might be wary of the typical "outsourcing gone wrong cases". This might put you off, and cause you to delay the decision to outsource. However, delaying is not the answer. The answer is to get it right.

How to get outsourcing right?

The answer to getting it right, is finding the right outsourcing provider. A provider, who can fully understand all your fears about outsourcing. Fears about data protection, language barrier, cultural difference, ability of a foreign employee to understand your product and the list goes on. You don't need an ordinary outsourcing provider. You need a trusted partner.

Integra: your trusted partner

Integra: your trusted outsourcing partner

A partner who is easy to talk to, friendly to work with and 100% dependable. A partner, who will work with you closely to remove all your fears. We will make your outsourcing journey a safe and successful one. We specialise in working with small and medium business and have helped several companies enjoy the massive benefits of outsourcing. How do we do that? What makes Integra, so special?

What makes us special?

Integra: your safest bet

Integra: your safest bet for outsourcing

By outsourcing your call center to an outsourcing provider, you will get the cost savings. With Integra, you not only get the cost savings, but also the 100% trust of a lifelong partner. A mutually beneficial partnership built on transparency.

If you want to remove all your fears regarding outsourcing and make it a happy outsourcing experience, Integra is your safest bet.

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