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Why India for outsourcing?

Why India for call center outsourcing?

Great talent at affordable price. India is the world's preferred destination for business process outsourcing. There are many reasons for India being a world outsourcing hub. Let us look at a few of them.

Quality of service

With an excellent education system and buoyant middle class society, India produces a high number of educated people. With such high quality people at its disposal, India enjoys an incredible advantage over other outsourcing destinations. This excellent resource availability ranges from top-level management to entry level employees. This makes it possible for outsourcing companies to provide high quality of service. Typically, good quality has a high price. But in India's case, great quality comes at an affordable price. This is perfect for anyone who wishes to outsource to India.

Cost savings

Though the costs are moderately increasing, with a higher inflation, India still offers a massive savings. It is at least 50% cheaper compared to the same talent in US, UK and Europe. More importantly, the people are more dedicated and work hard on their job. The metros such as Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi are focused on IT outsourcing services and the slightly smaller cities like Coimbatore and Pune are becoming the centre for other business process outsourcing services.

English speaking public

India has the world's largest English speaking population. English is widely spoken at a majority of the states in India. With the history of being a British colony, English is not just taught as a foreign language. But it is taught in schools as a medium of education. This gives the people of India a very good grasp of the language and its finer details. Communication and language is important in any outsourcing relationship, right from planning stage until execution and thereafter. Especially when it is outsourced call center support, people have to speak, read, write and think like a native English speaker. In India, you will find these in abundance.

Time difference

India's time zone difference of 5+ hrs between Europe and 10+ hrs for USA is a massive advantage. In time bound projects, work will be done before the start of business day. For call center support, it is easy to set up 24/7 support during and after business hours so that your business can have the full 24/7 capability.

Stable government

India is the world's largest democracy. The government is elected to power every 5 years and is a very stable country. Outsourcing has been a top priority for all the major government parties who are elected to run the office. Several tax benefits and encouraging schemes are offered to outsourcing companies and this helps companies to run their operations in a healthy business environment. Several independent studies have confirmed India as the top outsourcing destination among the emerging economies.

The right outsourcing destination

India – The right outsourcing destination

In a recent survey conducted in USA, more than 80% have chosen India as their destination for outsourcing.

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