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If your product or service requires technical assistance, you have to set up a helpdesk to assist your customers. This assistance can be for issues such as installation of a product or service, answering questions related to the product. The help desk support could be through phone, email, live chat or any combination of the three. But, where and how should your helpdesk be set up? It can either be set up in-house, or you can outsource your helpdesk services to experts like us..

Is outsourcing your helpdesk the way to go?

The one scenario in which outsourcing is a better option is when the in-house help desk becomes an additional overhead cost for you and a distraction for other departments. When it is a distraction, it makes it difficult for the decision makers to focus on their core business. So outsourcing of technical support help desk sounds like, it is the right way to move forward. However, outsourcing technical support to regular call center companies will not be the right decision. Technical support must be handled by technical professionals.

Technical support by technical people

We have the right people with the relevant skills to support your customers, depending on your product or service. For example, if your service is related to IT networking, we will have certified networking engineers to provide you support. Similarly, we will have relevant people for any of your custom Requirements. We not only have the relevant people, but also thoroughly train them on your product/service so that your customers will enjoy the support from knowledgeable and experienced people. Not from any ordinary Joe.

Some areas that require specialists

  • IT & software related
  • Networking
  • Electronics & Communication
  • Finance & Insurance related services
  • Marketing, Retail products

Some of your benefits

  • Quick expansion with no overheads
  • Ability to extend 24/7 round the clock support
  • Affordable price for knowledgeable people
  • Improved customer satisfaction

We have helped companies from various industries to set up their outsourced helpdesk. Our outsourcing price plans are easily affordable for even start-ups. We will have technical people (domain experts) for providing technical support to your customers. This will give your customers a truly amazing customer care experience. For more information, just contact us today.

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