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Success story 3 (software services provider in USA)

Success story 3

Our client provides assistance for people switching Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or email accounts. This involves a small software program, which assists the users to handle these switching functions. Switching an ISP or an email account involves

  • Moving the contact list
  • Notifying all the contacts about the switch
  • Forwarding all the existing details to the new account
  • Setting up an auto forward for future
  • Closing the existing account

Our client required a team of customer support agents with technical skills to offer assistance to their customers who would be interested in performing the switch, troubleshoot any issues that the customer has while or after performing the switch, etc.

Our solution

We quickly assembled a team of well experienced customer support agents with technical skills. We started a training program for the new team on the software, fine details required in switching and troubleshooting any potential issues. In just a week's time, our people were able to take on the customer queries. Currently we handle their technical support 24/7. Some of the other tasks we do are

Our client is able to save more than 60% of customer support costs, compared to having a similar team in the US. Client is very happy with our service and has been a long term client of Integra.

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