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Success story 2 (Ecommerce retailer in UK)

Success story 2

Our client owns several online retail stores and each store sell a very specific product range. The products are supplied by multiple partners. The product partners also use several shipping companies. Our client wanted a cost effective solution to manage the whole fulfilment process.

Our solution

We quickly set up a team of fulfilment support and call center support specialists. Our team handle the following tasks,

  • Fulfilment support
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Telephone support

As soon as our client gets an order in their online store, we will categorise them under different supplier and shipper. After categorising, we will upload the orders into the right shipper based on the delivery address. The uploading of the orders has to be completed before 1.00PM everyday to ensure next day delivery. We handle the entire fulfilment support functionality. After uploading the orders we call back customers informing them about delivery details.

While on call with the customer we will enquire about the delivery convenience and if the customer wants to reschedule the delivery date we will reschedule the order by sending emails to the respective depot informing them about the changes. At the end of the day we prepare necessary reports, call logs and customer feedbacks back to our client. This helps them to be on top of the customer service. Our client also saves about 60% of the costs while improving the quality of their customer service.

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