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Health and medical insurance eligibility verification specialist services

Wouldn't it benefit if you could have your staff do other important work then spending time waiting for insurance companies to verify information? We help you handle all your insurance verification tasks with enormous cost savings.

What insurance verification tasks can we handle for you

  • Call insurance companies on your behalf
  • Verify patient eligibility and insurance coverage with insurance companies
  • Verify insurance coverage online at electronic verification systems
  • Confirm eligibility, patient coverage benefits, coverage limits, patient responsibility, coverage dates and any other important information required by you
  • Record complete and accurate information received from the insurance companies
  • Follow up with you or the patient to get any missing information required for verification

Why Integra would be the right partner for you

  • Guaranteed fast turnaround time for verification
  • Gather detailed information for all patients so that no follow ups are required
  • You work with a team who specialize in doing these type of tasks

We are well equipped to work with different medical specialties such as your medical practice. Our HIPAA compliant insurance verification specialists have experience in working with a variety of medical specialties. Once you send us the information you can be assured that we will find out all the details you would need for the patient.

Example screens on what information we can collect for you

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