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Call center FAQ

Call center outsourcing services FAQ

Do you provide customer support service to businesses in the US, UK, Australia or Canada?

Yes. Our call center staffs are well equipped enough to work with clients in all of the countries mentioned above.

I want an exclusive team for our business. Can you set one up for us?

Yes, we can. You will be assigned an exclusive team with a team leader. You can communicate directly with the team and organize tasks as required.

Do you work with start-up companies?

Yes, we work with small start-up companies and family run firms. We do not choose clients based on the size of their business but on their Requirements.

How is Integra different from others who provide the same service?

Flexibility. In the past we've been very successful at gathering large teams at short notice and therefore regard it as our specialty. We could also arrange for an exclusive team if required.

Can I have a person to work for a specific period of time?

If you choose a virtual assistant then, you can get the person to work for a specific period of time.

Can I receive daily reports?

Yes. Daily reports are sent on request.

Would agents be available to work on any additional Requirements I might have, when they are free?

Absolutely. All our agents would be assigned to their own projects. If you have any additional Requirements apart from the ones mentioned originally, please get in touch with us; we will let you know if our staff has the knowledge to do this and we can get started.

Are the reps accent-trained?

Our reps practice a neutral accent. Getting the message across effectively is our priority.

Can I listen to voice samples?

Sure. Click here to listen to some of our male and female reps.

Does the call center support agent work from home?

No. All our call center support agents work from our office in India, and none from their homes.

I need a team only during a particular season. How quickly can you get me a team?

Sure, please get in touch with your Requirements when you need a team. We are equipped well enough with trained staff to meet your demands at a short notice.

For providing technical support, what kind of people do you employ?

For technical support, we employ people who have prior experience in IT, Software and related fields. Certified networking engineers and people with a suitable educational background in technology are given a higher priority.

What live chat applications do you support?

We can offer support through any live chat application that you prefer. Each client uses his/her own system and we get trained on it.

How will my customer's inbound calls reach you?

We will give you a local number. All you have to do is forward your calls to this number and it will automatically land at our office in India, which will be answered by our call center service agents.

What happens if the line is busy?

The line will not be busy because we have the ability to take 30 concurrent calls at the same time. If there is a 31st call at the same time, the line will be busy. However we have the ability to expand to more number of concurrent calls if you need it.

What measures do you take to ensure data security?

We understand that data security is one of the primary concerns of clients who consider outsourcing. The following are the measures we undertake to ensure the security of your data.

  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements with our clients
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with employees
  • Conducting pre-screening and criminal record checks on every employee before they start with us
  • No access to removable media such as CD, DVD, printers and paper unless it is necessary
  • 24/7 physical security guards at all our facilities, closed circuit television and individual PC monitoring
  • Our secured high end servers are in USA and we also do disaster recovery process as per your Requirement.

These are some measures we take to ensure your data is safe and secure with us.

How flexible is your contract?

Our contracts are quite flexible. Outsourcing is something that works only on a mutually co-operative and successful engagement of both parties. That is why we do not believe in tying you up with long term contracts. We will discuss your Requirements, study them and will agree on a contract term which is fair to both parties.

Will I be able to visit your office to meet and train the team that would be working for me?

Yes. We would be glad to have you at our office. You can meet and train the team assigned to you. Training sessions have to be booked one week in advance.

I don't have any training material. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not. You can send us the following materials so that we have a clear picture of how you operate on an everyday scale.

  • Your website links
  • Product and service manuals
  • Promotional/Marketing material if any( ads, press releases etc)
  • Your previous email correspondence with customers.
  • Recorded telephonic conversations with customers pertaining to the assigned job
  • Any other document that might be of use to us.

The rest, you could tell us over phone or via emails. A team leader will be assigned to you and he/she will be in touch with you, constantly. Once the team leader has a good idea of the process, he/she shall proceed to train the team.

How can I start the service? How long will it take?

Please contact us with your Requirements. We will revert to you at the earliest to discuss them in detail. Once we thoroughly understand your needs, we will begin working on your project. This entire process might take 1 to 3 weeks, at the most.

What happens once I sign up with you?

Once you sign up with us, you will be assigned to a project manager who will help you get organized with the phone lines, ticketing system and chat application and will also get trained along with the team.

What are your payment terms? Do you insist on an advance payment?

We ask you to pay the first month's payment as advance. Starting from the 2nd month, we will send the invoice for the following month for which the payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Late payments will be assessed a 2%/month of the invoice charge after 15 days.

Is there a minimum contract period?

We normally sign a 1 year agreement. But we can also do a month to month agreement

If I want to discontinue services before the contract period is up, what do I have to do?

You can cancel the agreement at anytime. However you will need to provide a 30 day notice that includes the completion of any partial month.

Can you tell me about your employees' educational background?

Yes. Every staff member has, at the least, a degree at the Under Graduate level. Most of them have earned a Master's as well. Our operational center is based in Coimbatore, a small city that is famous for its educational institutions and a majority of our staff have attended those Universities.

I have heard that outsourcing has had more rather bad effects on companies than good. So I am a little apprehensive. What do you have to say to that?

Well, we are aware of that. Some companies have had a bad outsourcing experience, but we believe that it cannot be generalized. Outsourcing has great benefits if you select the right outsourcing agency. Companies need to do their little bit of research into the outsourcing partners they choose. For example, a check on data security measures, qualification of employees, prior experience etc are areas to research. We offer our prospective customers voice samples, brief them on the measures we take to ensure data security to reassure them. This way we minimize the fear of outsourcing they have.
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