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Dedicated agent pricing

  • Inbound call center dedicated agent price is $1280 per month (per agent)
  • Outbound call center dedicated agent price is $1600 per month (per agent)
  • Technical support dedicated agent price is $1580 per month (per agent)

How can you use our dedicated agent

  • Dedicated agent can be used for both inbound or outbound calls
  • Dedicated agent will work for you on a full time basis
  • Dedicated agent will work during the hours you specify
  • Dedicated agent can also be used for other tasks (apart from handling calls)
  • You can also get a team of dedicated agents to work on your project

What type of calls can our agents handle for you

Inbound calls

  • Order taking
  • Customer care
  • Technical support
  • Helpdesk support
  • Credit card order lines
  • Helplines
  • Overflow call handling
  • Answering service
  • Event registration
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Other custom inbound calls

Outbound calls

  • Database cleansing
  • Appointment setting
  • Follow-up calling
  • Surveys/market research
  • Lead research
  • Telemarketing
  • Soft sell calling
  • Subscription renewals
  • Third party verification service
  • Accounts receivable calls

What hours can our dedicated agents work for you

  • Your business hours
  • After business hours
  • Weekends only
  • 24/5
  • 24/7

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