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Our journey

Integra was founded by four of us Raj, Ram, Aravind and Ganesh (me) in the year 2004. I live in the USA, Raj in UK, Ram and Aravind in India. We started Integra with the principle of helping small and medium business to outsource to India with confidence and with no fear. We started our journey at a small office in the Indian city of Coimbatore with just a few staff and currently with a staff strength of 1300+.

Our founding principle

There was an acute lack of trust in outsourcing to India in the early years of outsourcing. This is even more the case with small and medium businesses. Our founding principle is taking the "fear" out of outsourcing. That is helping customers to outsource with confidence. Large corporations were outsourcing to India and enjoying the benefits, but small and medium business struggled because there were not many providers for this market. Our aim is to address that gap and make outsourcing a fearless journey for everyone. That is taking the "FEAR" out of outsourcing.

Early years

At first we got a few clients, but nothing major. We started charting the plans, prepared marketing materials, websites and so on. It took us many months before we landed our first major client. It took a lot more effort during our early days, because all of us were new to entrepreneurship. However, our sincerity and hard work paid off and we started adding more clients. We also added new clients through referrals from existing clients. Our first office could not handle all the new projects. So we moved to a bigger office.

Bigger office and further growth

After moving into the newer, bigger office, we increased our sales & marketing efforts and added more clients. We started implementing quality controls, checklists and better process methodologies to ensure accuracy on our work and to gain the trust of our valuable clients.

While doing this, we steadily grew and our team strength was about 60. To support our further growth, we added another office just 2 miles further. Now our team strength has grown to about 1300+ and we are growing. Many of our clients are small and medium businesses. We continue to work with our founding principle intact. That is taking the "FEAR" out of outsourcing.

Leave your projects with us and we will make sure that it gets done the right way every time.

Ganesh Ranganathan - Founder Director of Integra Global Solutions

Ganesh Ranganathan
Founder director
Integra Global Solutions

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